About Advanced Nozzles, LLC

Advanced Nozzles was founded by Christopher Dackson, who realized that existing laser welding nozzles were wasteful in their use of Helium gas for plasma suppression. Having had many years of experience with today's current design gas delivery nozzles, the decision was made to make some changes in this design. The new design had all of the shortcomings of the old designs engineered out. The correct angle on incidence was designed in along with features that allow for ease of adjustment. No longer would the alignment of the nozzle be subjective. This was accomplished through the use of an engineered alignment tool.

Helium is mostly obtained as a by-product of natural gas extraction. Helium prices have been historically cheap due to the Helium Privatization Act of 1996 and the abundance of Helium here in the US. Since the government will be getting out of the Helium gas business all together by 2015, the supply of Helium will continue to dwindle and gas prices will continue to soar. They have tripled over the past five years and have been going up at an alarming rate in just the past few months.

Advanced Nozzles has over twenty five years of experience with all types of laser processing. This experience is in all of today's industrial laser wavelengths and power levels. We are a vertically integrated company located in the mid-west. We can provide an engineered solution to your Helium gas reduction needs.

Featured Services:

  • Gas Consumption Rates
  • Welding Applications
  • Helium flow Rates
  • Welding Nozzles
  • Cutting Nozzles